New Dad Endurance Crate

Any new dad will usually tell you all about the exhaustion, constant wake ups and endless burping … so why not help him out?

Packed with delicious snacks, some caffeinated cocktails and functionable parenting friendly accessories, the New Dad Endurance Crate will help keep him refreshed and ready to help out his baby Mumma —you know, the one who’s doing the actual work.

Give him some gear, and make it fun, to help him survive through Baby’s early days!

Fatherly Functionality:

  • This cooler bag conveniently fits 6 craft beers (you could even add them in to this crate for him) but it can also carry and take care of baby bottles and other necessities for on the go.
  • The Little Book of Dad Jokes will help get him inducted into the parenting way of cringey jokes right from the start.
  • An incredible thermos to keep his coffee hot for longer! No more reheating in the microwave for this man.
  • The dry cured Aussie Jerky and Biltong will help keep him fuller for longer, through those long nights of rocking and patting.