It’s a sentence almost every person on this planet has uttered “Men are so hard to buy for”, and do you know why? Because even if you ask a man what gift they would like for their birthday, Christmas or Father’s Day, they don’t even have any ideas. Another gift card?

The other reason us women in particular find it so hard to buy for men, is because our brains work so differently. I’ve done the research! And let me tell you, as a general rule, when women are buying for men they are trying to come up with something fun and unique or memorable. Whereas when men were surveyed those traits were right down the bottom of their priorities.

Conversely, something that most men said was important to them, yet women did not, was that a gift is practical. To women a practical gift can be a bit of a snooze fest.  Women seem to assume that if it is practical the men probably already have it, or will go and get it themselves. But the reality is they are either too busy (read lazy), or they bought one 10 years ago, and even though it is well overdue for a replacement they are still using it. So men actually really appreciate when other people get these practical items for them because its something they will use and its something they need.

The good news is there were 2 important factors that both the men and women agreed upon – Quality and Australian Made. Number one for both was quality. Nobody wants gimmick gifts that are good for a 2 second laugh, and then end up in landfill. We are all more environmentally conscious these days and want things that will last. Plus it helps that the guys probably won’t need to go shopping for a while.

The second trait that was important to all of us was we want to support Australian made or local products. This has been a real trend especially since the pandemic. Crate Day conveniently covers all these bases. When looking for a 50th birthday present for your dad, a 30th Present for your husband or a 21st present for your brother, Crate Day is the perfect solution. The crates are hand made here in Australia on the Central Coast of NSW. The goodies inside, are all the highest quality. I have done the research for you. I have asked hundreds of men what gifts they would appreciate, and then sourced the most popular and highly reviewed versions of those gifts. And to top it off, the gift crates are unique and fun! So it’s a win win for the men and women.