Finding Valentine’s gifts for guys can be really tricky. You could get them flowers, but most guys wouldn’t be too impressed with that. What we’ve learnt is that men love practical gifts and women like to give unique gifts. The perfect solution this Valentine’s Day is the Crate Day  Create-A-Crate. You can fill it with any number of gifts that you know your valentine will like, such as beer, jerky, coffee or even a multitool. All the goodies that you choose from have been man approved, literally. Each item went through a vigorous selection criteria.  They are all practical and high quality – The two most important features according to the men surveyed.

But don’t worry, as the giver of this Valentine’s Day gift, your desire for something unique and memorable is also satisfied. All the wooden crates come sealed shut and with a pry bar attached. So the opening of this gift is half of the fun. You can choose if you want the crate to be easy or hard to open, depending on your particular valentine. For those looking for a gift for a tradie, we recommend the hard setting. They love the challenge!

Or maybe you’re in a new relationship, and you need some more direction on a good valentine’s gifts for him. Crate Day has got you sorted. There are a range of pre-curated crates to choose from. You just need to find out one thing he is into. We’ve got 2 different crates for the beer lovers, 2 different crates for your Valentine if he considers himself to be a BBQ connoisseur. Or maybe he’s the outdoorsy type? The Crate Outdoors crate will be sure to put a smile on his dial. There are 11 curated crates to choose from so plenty of unique Valentine’s gift ideas for men. 

To top it off, if you spend over $100 your crate will be delivered anywhere in Australia for free. Yep, free shipping is still a thing! We all know that postage is one of the industries not coping well during the pandemic, so get your orders in ASAP to ensure they arrive in time.

Happy shopping lovers!

p.s. if all else fails, get “him” a dog