This Jerky is making me thirsty! Well that’s lucky that tomorrow is a delicious craft beer. And everyone knows that the perfect match for a beer is a salty treat, and you’re in luck! Because the next day will be another tasty gourmet jerky from somewhere in Australia. Filling the need to provide a men’s advent calendar that gets them excited, and bonus – you know you’re now going to get a better Christmas present come Christmas morning ;)

Jerky and Beer Advent Calendar

The full list of included products are below. Purely so you know what you are buying, not for any people who may have received one of these! Stop reading now if you have got one of these, you need to wait patiently for every day. We can assure you they are all top quality. If you know you can trust us to pick the goodies, then click here to order yours now.

If you’re a little more cautious, we can’t giveaway exactly what’s included but we can tell you the included Beer Styles are an IPA, Hazy IPA, Red IPA, Pale Ale, Watermelon Pilsner, XPA, West Coast IPA, New England IPA, Stout, another Pale Ale, Australian Pale Ale and a Milkshake IPA from 11 different breweries around Australia. And a little hint with just 2 of the breweries  – One Drop and Bentspoke.

Included Jerky brands- The Jerky C0, Jacks Jerky, Madhouse Jerky, Byron Jerky, Fatt Mattz, Bigwig Jerky, 101 Percent Jerky Co, Bloody Good Jerky, Riverina Jerky , Billabong Jerky, BC Jerky and Kevs Jerky.

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