Why does it feel so impossible to buy for tradies? Every year on their birthday, or Christmas it’s like they already have everything. And whenever something does pop up that they might want they just buy it themselves. If your husband, dad, brother or boyfriend is a tradesman, you would know this feeling all too well! The main reason this happens is because generally speaking tradies are practical people who like simple things. Sure they might like a bit of a gag gift now and then, because who doesn’t love a laugh, but generally speaking if it’s something they will use, they will be stoked.

Keeping that in mind, here are the top 5 gift ideas for the tradie in your life.



1. Undies

I know, I know, to you and me this sounds so boring and unimaginative. But the simple fact is, the guys use these everyday. The ones they currently have most probably have multiple holes in them, and they genuinely appreciate good quality underwear. For the Jocks, you can’t go past Step One. This Australian company has built the perfect mens undies. Made from Bamboo, they are environmentally sustainable but more importantly, keep the body cool while using the moisture whisking powers of Bamboo. Added bonus – they are soooo soft. 

2. Good quality socks

Well, you can go and read the first two sentences of the above paragraph, because they are still relevant here. The key to socks being a good present for a tradesman is buying good quality socks. Now don’t be surprised if your tradie doesn’t give you the most excited response upon opening the gift. but if you buy the good stuff, your tradie will think of you every morning they go to work and be grateful that you know what they need better than they do. The general gist is bamboo and thick and you can’t go wrong. These guys are even made in Australia – DONE!

3. A Crate from Crate Day


As practical as socks and jocks are, sometimes it’s not a very exciting gift to give. Enter Crate Day. Every tradie be they brother, dad or hubby are catered for here. There are crates for the beer lover, BBQ chefs, meat lovers or the outdoorsy guys who just want to go camping every weekend. Or if your tradie would like a bit of everything you can create your own crate here.  The best bit of these is that they are an experience as well as a gift. All the goodies they want are sealed shut in the wooden crate. The only way in is with the pry bar it comes with. Let’s see if that apprenticeship paid off…




4. Ear muffs with Bluetooth

If the guy you are buying for is working on a noisy site and often wearing ear muffs, then these 3M Worktunes are going to be a hit. Every worksite has the Makita radio blasting out the tunes, but how often do the guys need to pop their hearing protection in and then can’t hear it? Or ever try to call your tradie and they tell you that they couldn’t hear there phone? Not any more! These headphones can connect to their phone for calls and music. problem solved. Now we have the new problem of listening to them sing without the backing music.

5. Vouchers

Again, not terribly exciting to give, but most tradesmen, actually most men, love them. they will probably hoard them for a few Christmases or birthdays until one week before their next birthday they get an idea that they would really like a new fishing rod, and off they go and buy it.