Is it that time of year again? You want to celebrate the amazing men in your life and buy them a gift they will love. But the only suggestions you are hearing are gift cards, and you know for a fact there is a pile of gift cards sitting on their bedside table still from the last birthday, Christmas and Father’s Day. Here are some ideas on what men might like this year instead.

A gift from Crate Day

Every Father’s Day can be a crate day if you give one of these. Gift cards are almost always appreciated, but also feels a bit boring. Giving a gift that makes them smile AND gets used is so much better! These crates contain practical gifts that men have said they wanted. On top of that, these gifts are all great quality products. There are so many to choose from, and if you want you can even choose the goodies and create your own. An added bonus – you and your family can have a laugh watching dad trying to open his Crate with the pry bar (don’t forget to video this, as you’re going to want to show it to Aunt Lindy).

Quality time

Another thing dad wants is quality time with their family. Book a table at the local pub, and make sure everyone in the family is there. Someone else order the meals, get the drinks, and just let dad sit and enjoy this time with the family. Those of us with kids, know all too well how hectic life can be. When was the last time we spent time with our own dads?

Alone time

Now I know I just said dad wants to spend quality time with the family, but just like us mums, a lot of dads would really appreciate a guilt free day to go fishing or golfing. A great tradition is every Father’s Day (and Mother’s Day!) enjoy that Sunday as a family day, and then black out the following Sunday as the guilt free day for fishing, golfing, etc (mums might enjoy a day spa, winery tour, or a long lunch… or is that just me?)

Matching Pjs

Now another winner, that not all dads will admit to liking, but I’ve never known this gift to fail, is matching pyjama sets to their kids. And if you’re super keen you can get a matching one for mum too. It’s a bit of fun, and a laugh, and practical, which we know all dads love!  Peter Alexander always have great ones all year round, so check them out.


As we get older, the aches and pains get worse! Another great Father’s Day gift is a voucher for a massge – or you can even offer to do it yourself!